2006 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot
Bob Rosen - Elias Sports Bureau

Note: Bob is a Hall of Fame voter. Here is who he named on his ballot.

This season I only voted for three players to the Baseball Hall of Fame - Jim Rice, Steve Garvey and - HEAVENS! - Albert Belle.

I have voted for Rice the past few seasons because I think that he was the premier hitter of his era during the time that he
played. It is true that he did a lot of designated hitting, but let's face it, the DH has been a part of baseball for over forty seasons
and why punish a player who did his job as a DH with excellence. And in the future there will be many other players who will be
primarily DHs as this is now part of the rules of the game and Rice's numbers reflect that.

Steve Garvey was one of the best all around players of his era when he played. He had wonderful batting statistics and
statistics are my love and my profession. He was also an excellent fielder at first base. He appeared in several postseason
games which proves his contribution to his team. He was also an All-Star several time which goes to show his achievements
as a player. I think that he deserves HOF consideration for his overall excellence in general.

Albert Belle was an agonizing vote. We all know what he was as a person, but as a player, his numbers are overwhelming and
should get him the recognition of his accomplishments on the field. There are probably worse people in the Hall, I think, Ty
Cobb being one of them. I feel the same way about Pete Rose. They should put him in the Hall with a notation on his plaque
that he was involved in gambling, but to leave out the all-time hits leader I think is ridiculous. The same with Belle.

I will probably be chided for not voting for Bert Blyleven, but he was one of many excellent pitchers who played in his era. I even
saw him get his first Major League victory vs. the Yankees at the tender age of nineteen, but I couldn't vote for him without
voting for Tommy John or Jim Kaat who I didn't vote for either. I may think differently next year, but as a good friend of mine once
said, "Why? Is he going to have a better year next season?" However, the deed has been done and I cannot change it, so as
they said in Brooklyn many years ago - WAIT TILL NEXT YEAR."