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June 19 - Topps All-New "Rip Card"


Appearing one per hobby case, Topps all-new “Rip Card” will make its
debut in the upcoming Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball.  

The “Rip Card” is a trading card within a trading card that may or may not
be concealing a treasure.

The “Rip Card” looks just like your average 2 ½ x 3 ½ sequentially numbered trading card, but after
closer inspection, collectors will find that this card has a small perforation on its back and a

Why would you keep it?

Each “Rip Card” is an exclusive collectible card featuring the greatest names in baseball.  These
sequentially numbered beauties feature the likes of Mickey Mantle to Josh Gibson.  And they are not
easy to find, so many collectors will decide “not ripping” is a no-brainer.  

Why would you rip it?

Inside you may find a treasure.  In Allen & Ginter, there are hand painted 1 of 1 trading card from
famous sports artist Dick Perez, original 1887 Allen & Ginter baseball cards, Autograph variations
and exclusive mini cards only found in “Rip Cards”.

So, what will you do when you find a “Rip Card”?

June 14 - Sports Icons Highlight Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball

Earlier this week, Topps released details of its all-new Allen & Ginter Baseball.  
And one of the most intriguing aspects of the product is its inclusion of
non-baseball Sporting Icons.  In addition, each of the living subjects is signing
autographs for the release.

With these stars, Topps stays true to the 1887 classic as the original featured
athletes from around the globe.  Here’s who to look for:

Danica Patrick – Race car driver
Mike Tyson – Boxer
Carl Lewis – Track & Field
Takeru Kobayashi – Hot Dog Eating champion (image attached)
John Wooden - -Basketball coaching legend
Hulk Hogan -- Wrestler
Brandi Chastain – Soccer / World Cup winner
Jim Thorpe – Track & Field
Randy Coture – Ultimate Fighting
Jerry Bailey -- Jockey
Andy Irons -- Surfer
Jennie Finch - Softball
Duke Kahanamoku – Surfing legend and Olympic gold medalist
Wendy Guey – Spelling Bee (youngest winner ever)

June 12 - Topps Set To Release Gorgeous Allen & Ginter Baseball

In 1887, the Allen & Ginter Tobacco Company introduced the first ever full-colored
baseball cards to the world.  The series, which was named Allen & Ginter’s World
Champions, not only featured 10 baseball stars of the era, but also included
icons from around the sports world.

Next month, Topps will reintroduce the hobby to the exotic 1887 beauty with 2006
Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball –featuring all of today’s baseball stars and other
sports stars outside of the diamond such as boxer Mike Tyson, race car driver
Danica Patrick, track and field’s Carl Lewis, soccer player Brandi Chastain,
coaching legend John Wooden, hot dog eating extraordinaire Takeru Kobayashi
and many more.  And if collector’s like the addition of these subjects, they’ll be
pleased to know that the living legends are also signing autographs for this historic product.

Here’s the product breakdown:

350 BASE CARDS -- 300 Ball Players (image attached), 10 Reprints, 15 Sports Icons & 25 Historical
Figures (from the 1880s).

PARALLELS (1 PER PACK) – (all Original Allen & Ginter-sized) includes Regular, A&G Back, Black
Bordered, Bazooka Back (#’d to 50) and Wood parallels (1 of 1).

51 AUTOGRAPHS -- including 12 Sports Icons on mini cards (Original A & G-sized) in a 2 ½ x 3 ½

50 RELICS – including a cashmere sweater from JFK embedded in mini cards (original A&G-sized) in
a 2 ½ x 3 ½ frame.

ORIGINALS – Original Allen & Ginter cards in a 2 ½ x 3 ½ frame.

375 MINI PRINTING PLATES – Four versions of each featured in a 2 ½ x 3 ½ frame.

Each 24-pack hobby box guarantees 2 Framed A&G Original-sized cards (including Autographs,
Relics, Printing Plates and Originals).

RIP CARDS – The debut of the all-new Topps RIP CARDS.  Included one per case.  (Details of this
exciting program will be announced later this week)

BOX LOADERS – 15 A&G N43s, 2 A&G N43 Relics, 2 A&G N43 Autographs, 15 A&G Postcards, 15
A&G Personalized Autographed Postcards.

2006 Topps Allen & Ginter Baseball releases the week of July 17th and carries a $4.00 SRP for each
7-card pack (each pack includes 1 mini original-sized parallel).

June 2 - Co-Signers Baseball Includes Several Short Printed Autographed Cards

Topps announces the recently-released 2006 Topps Co-Signers Baseball, which
guarantees 3 Autographed Cards in every box (including a Dual Signature Card),
features several short printed Autographed Cards.  The short print list can be
found here.

May 4 - Topps/AFLAC Population Report

Topps announces the population reports for the three 2004 AFLAC High School
American Chrome Refractor sets, which were included as redemption cards in
packs of 2004 Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Baseball.  Each of the 12-card
sets features 2004 AFLAC All Americans Andrew McCutchen, Beau Jones, C.J.
Henry, Cameron Maybin, Chris Volstad, Jeff Lyman, John Drennen, Jon Egan, P.J.
Phillips, Ryan Tucker, Shane Funk and Steve Johnson.

The Population Report is as follows:
2004 AFLAC Bowman Chrome Refractor Set (#’d to 500) – 315 in circulation
2004 AFLAC Bowman Chrome X-Fractor Set (#’d to 125) – 107 in circulation
2004 AFLAC Bowman Chrome Gold Refractor Set (#’d to 50) – 34 in circulation

April 19 - Topps Set To Release All-New Co-Signers Baseball

It’s an all-new product, but collectors are definitely familiar with the name
“Co-Signers”.  “Co-Signers”, which became popular in the 1990s as one
of the first autograph inserts to feature 2 certified signatures on one card,
still includes some of the most sought after autographed cards in the

The all-new 2006 Topps Co-Signers features dual signed cards such as
A-Rod / Barry Bonds, A-Rod / David Wright, Kenji Johjima / Felix
Hernandez, Nolan Ryan / Roger Clemens, Cal Ripken / Ozzie Smith, Ryan Zimmerman / Wade
Boggs, Dontrelle Willis / Miguel Cabrera and so much more.  There are 55 different Co-Signer cards
in all.

There are also 70 different single signed autograph cards featuring the likes of Johjima, Pujols, A-
Rod, Bonds, Ripken, Wright, Don Mattingly, Jonathan Papelbon, Manny Ramirez, Ryan, Mariano
Rivera, Prince Fielder, Clemens and Vladimir Guerrero.

Basically, 2006 Topps Co-Signers is an autograph collectors dream.

And what’s an autograph program without cut signatures?  Staying with the “Co-Signers” theme,
every cut signature card features 2 autographs.  And even better…there is one in every case!  Look for
JFK / RFK, Ted Williams / Mickey Mantle, Nixon / Ford and more.


The base set features 115 stars including the game’s brightest rookies and is paralleled by the
unique Changing Faces program, which includes two players per card.  There is a Changing Faces
card (#’d to 150 or less) in every pack!

If collectors like what the “New” Topps has offered so far, they are going to enjoy this one.

2006 Topps Co-Signers Baseball ships the last week of May and includes 6 cards per pack.  Every
12-pack box includes 1 Dual Autographed Card, 2 Single Autographed Cards and 9 Changing Faces
Cards #’d to 150 or less.  Each case includes 1 Dual Cut Signature Card.

April 5 - Heritage Baseball Short Prints Revealed

Topps reveals there are 110 Short Printed cards (1:2 packs) in 2006
Topps Heritage Baseball.  Ten of the short printed cards are variations.  
Unlike past Heritage Baseball sets, a majority of the short prints are in
the middle of the set as they were in the original 1957 Topps set.

2006 Topps Heritage Baseball carries a $3.00 SRP for each 8-card pack
and a stick of gum.

The short print list is as follows:
1 David Ortiz
2 Mike Piazza
10 Barry Bonds
18 Pedro Martinez
20 Andruw Jones (Variation) Reversed Negative
23 Derek Jeter (Variation) All blue letters
25 Randy Johnson
35 Wily Mo Pena
55 Derrek Lee
70 Bobby Abreu
76 Jason Bay
80 Tim Hudson (Variation) All blue letters
91 Chris Snelling
95 Alex Rodriguez (Variation) Old Yankee Stadium Background
95 Alex Rodriguez
99 Brian Jordan
106 Bengie Molina
123 Humberto Cota
127 Joe Nathan
165 Albert Pujols
200 Roger Clemens (Variation) Road uniform
212 Rocco Baldelli (Variation) All blue letters
265 Jose Contreras
266 Tadahito Iguchi
267 Mark Loretta
268 Ray Durham
269 Neifi Perez
271 Troy Glaus
272 Matt Holliday
273 Kevin Millwood
274 Jon Lieber
276 Jeremy Reed
277 Garrett Atkins
278 Geoff Jenkins
279 Joey Gathright
280 Ben Sheets
281 Melvin Mora
282 Jonathan Papelbon
283 John Smoltz
284 Jake Peavy
285 Felix Hernandez
286 Alfonso Soriano
287 Bronson Arroyo
288 Adam LaRoche
289 Aramis Ramirez
290 Brad Hennessey
291 Conor Jackson
292 Rod Barajas
293 Chris Young
294 Jeremy Bonderman
295 Jack Wilson
296 Jay Payton
297 Danys Baez
298 Jose Lima
299 Luis A. Gonzalez
300 Mike Sweeney
301 Nelson Cruz
302 Eric Gagne
303 Juan Castro
304 Joe Mauer
305 Richie Sexson
306 Roy Oswalt
307 Rickie Weeks
308 Pat Borders
309 Mike Morse
310 Matt Stairs
311 Chad Tracy
312 Matt Cain
313 Mark Mulder
314 Mark Grudzielanek
315 Johnny Damon
316 Casey Kotchman
318 Chris Burke
319 Carl Crawford
320 Edgar Renteria
321 Chan Ho Park
322 Boston Red Sox
323 Robinson Cano
325 Miguel Tejada
325 Miguel Tejada (Variation) Running w/ hand in air
326 Jimmy Rollins
327 Juan Pierre
328 Dan Johnson
330 Pat Burrell
331 Ramon Ortiz
332 Rondell White
333 David Wells
334 Michael Young
335 Mike Mussina
336 Moises Alou
337 Scott Podsednik
338 Rich Harden
339 Mark Teahen
340 Jacque Jones
341 Jason Giambi
342 Bill Hall
343 Jon Garland
344 Dontrelle Willis
345 Danny Haren
346 Brian Giles
347 Brad Penny
348 Brandon McCarthy
349 Chien-Ming Wang
350 Torii Hunter
350 Torii Hunter (Variation) all blue letters
351 Yhency Brazoban
352 Rodrigo Lopez
400 Roy Oswalt/ Roger Clemens/ Andy Pettite
407 Jermaine Dye/ Paul Konerko
475 Huston Street (Variation) all blue letters

April 4 - Topps Baseball Cards Behind Controversial “TRADE BARRY!” Billboard


NEW YORK (April 4, 2006) –Topps, the only place to get Barry Bonds’ baseball cards, has revealed
that it is the creator of the controversial “Trade Barry!” billboard situated near AT&T Ballpark in San
Francisco.  The company unveiled the second part of its advertising campaign today. (image attached)

The “Trade Barry!” billboard, which has created quite a stir among baseball fans throughout the
country, was unveiled last Saturday, April 1st and has been replaced today by an all-new billboard —
“TRADE BARRY’S CARDS WITH TOPPS—The Exclusive Home of Barry’s Home Run Chase”.

“Together with Barry, we decided to have some fun with everything that’s going on in the game today,”
said Warren Friss, VP / General Manager, Topps Sports.   “Topps chronicles the game and Barry and
his achievements are clearly an important part of baseball.”

Topps has created a special trading card set commemorating Bonds’ historic home run chase.  
Each time Bonds hits a home run, fans can log onto and order a trading card
chronicling that specific home run.  The card will only be available until Bonds hits his next home run.

Along with this exclusive online promotion, Topps is paying homage to Bonds historic career and
home run chase throughout all of its 2006 Major League Baseball products.

March 31 - The Topps Company and 2K Sports Team Up For Cross Promotion

-Topps Trading Cards Available in 2K6 Baseball Video Game, 2K6 Video Game Cheats Available in
Packs of 2006 Topps -

New York, NY (March 31, 2006) – The Topps Company and 2K Sports, the
leading sports video game manufacturer and exclusive third-party producer of
MLB® video games, have announced a marketing alliance to increase the overall
awareness of baseball card collecting among video game users, it was
announced today by Mark Sapir, Director of Marketing for Topps, and Erik
Whiteford, Vice President of Marketing for 2K Sports.  

The ground-breaking promotion exposes Major League Baseball® 2K6’s gamers
to Topps Baseball trading cards, while consumers of Topps Baseball cards will
find 2K6 “game cheats” randomly inserted into this year’s Topps packs.

Topps and 2K Sports have created an 11-player trading card set featuring the Topps 2K6 All-Star
Team with 6 of the players found exclusively packaged in Major League Baseball 2K6 video games
and 5 of the players found exclusively in packs of Topps.  Cards found in Major League Baseball 2K6
are distributed in packs of three and in 1 of every 18 packs of Topps Baseball cards. .  

The 11 collectible trading cards also serve as “game cheats,” giving 2K6 users the exclusive
opportunity to power up individual players with abilities such as wall-climbing, arm strength, home
run power and much more.  There is also a randomly inserted pin code that unlocks the 11-player
Topps 2K All-Star Team and allows you to play a game with that team.

“We are very excited about this partnership, " said Mark Sapir, Topps Director of Marketing.  "It allows
us to potentially reach new baseball card collectors in a very meaningful and relevant way.

“This new relationship brings two unique products that baseball fans will really enjoy,” states Erik
Whiteford, VP of Marketing for 2K Sports.  “We are thrilled to be teamed up with Topps Baseball cards
to bring fans an exciting MLB baseball package – the quality and exclusive designs of Topps
Baseball cards and the innovation and entertainment of Major League Baseball 2K6.”

About Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

Headquartered in New York City, Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. is an integrated global
developer, marketer, distributor and publisher of interactive entertainment software games and
accessories for the PC, PlayStation® game console, PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system,
PSP™ (PlayStation®Portable) system, the Xbox® video game and entertainment system from
Microsoft, the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Nintendo
GameCube™, Nintendo DS™ and Game Boy® Advance. The Company publishes and develops
products through its wholly owned labels Rockstar Games, 2K Games, 2K Sports and Global Star
Software; and distributes products in North America through its Jack of All Games subsidiary. Take-
Two also manufactures and markets video game accessories in Europe, North America and the Asia
Pacific region through its Joytech subsidiary. The Company maintains sales and marketing offices in
Cincinnati, New York, Toronto, London, Paris, Munich, Madrid, Vienna, Milan, Sydney, Breda
(Netherlands) and Auckland. Take-Two's common stock is publicly traded on NASDAQ under the
symbol TTWO. For more corporate and product information please visit our website at www.

March 23 - Topps Turkey Red Football Short Prints Announced

Topps announces that the much successful 2005 Topps Turkey Red Football includes 50 short
printed base cards seeded 1:4 packs.  And ten of the short printed cards are variations.

Turkey Red Football carries a $4 SRP for each 8-card pack.

The Short Prints are as follows:
246 Trent Green Kansas City Chiefs
247 Dwight Freeney Indianapolis Colts
248 Brett Favre Green Bay Packers
249 Marshall Faulk St. Louis Rams
250 Jerome Bettis Pittsburgh Steelers
251 Nate Burleson Minnesota Vikings
252 Brandon Lloyd   San Francisco 49ers  
253 Randy Moss Oakland Raiders
254 Drew Bledsoe Dallas Cowboys
255 Brandon Stokley Indianapolis Colts
256 Takeo Spikes Buffalo Bills
257 Philip Rivers San Diego Chargers
258 Lito Sheppard Philadelphia Eagles
259 Jimmy Smith Jacksonville Jaguars
260 Tatum Bell Denver Broncos
261 Allen Rossum Atlanta Falcons  
262 Amani Toomer New York Giants
263 Jabar Gaffney Houston Texans
264 Jonathan Ogden Baltimore Ravens
265 John Abraham New York Jets
266 Aaron Stecker New Orleans Saints
267 Jason Elam Denver Broncos
268 Najeh Davenport Green Bay Packers
269 Alge Crumpler Atlanta Falcons
270 Roy Williams Dallas Cowboys
271 Trent Dilfer Cleveland Browns
272 Anquan Boldin Arizona Cardinals
273 Artose Pinner Detroit Lions
274 David Garrard Jacksonville Jaguars
275 Terry Glenn Dallas Cowboys
276 Adam Archuleta St. Louis Rams
277 Jeremiah Trotter Philadelphia Eagles
278 Travis Henry Tennessee Titans
279 Rex Grossman Chicago Bears
280 Maurice Morris Seattle Seahawks
281 Mike Alstott Tampa Bay Buccaneers
282 Justin Gage Chicago Bears
283 Dennis Northcutt Cleveland Browns
284 David Givens New England Patriots
285 Dominic Rhodes Indianapolis Colts

Short Printed Variations
190 Ronnie Brown Miami Dolphins New Uniform
248 Brett Favre Green Bay Packers Night Sky
1 Eli Manning New York Giants New Image
136 Donovan McNabb Philadelphia Eagles Night Sky
18 Peyton Manning Indianapolis Colts Night Sky
48 Deuce McAllister New Orleans Saints New image
80 Michael Vick Atlanta Falcons New Uniform
37 Champ Bailey Denver Broncos Night Sky
135 Ben Roethlisberger Pittsburgh Steelers New image
4 Ray Lewis Baltimore Ravens New Uniform

March 21 - The Greatest NBA Autograph Set Ever Assembled (200 Different Players)

With Topps Style 1952 Basketball set to ship in early May, the hobby will see the
greatest and most comprehensive autograph set ever compiled in an NBA
product.  There will be 200 different Topps Fan Favorites Autographs in all (2 per
box).  And approximately 60% of the players are signing certified trading cards for
the first time.

From Oscar Robertson, Magic Johnson, Bill Bradley, Rick Barry, Moses Malone,
George Gervin and Dennis Rodman to Dominique Wilkins, Muggsy Bouges, Jo
Jo White, Kelly Tripucka, Spencer Haywood, World B. Free, Maurice Cheeks and
Slick Watts--there all here on classic Topps designs.  And there is even a
rainbow foil parallel of all the autographed cards, which are limited to just 10
copies each.

This legendary autograph set will be found in packs featuring another instant classic—Topps Style ’
52, which fuses today’s NBA stars with the 1952 Topps Baseball design, the most famous trading
card design ever.

Within the Style ‘52’s 165-card set, collectors can expect to find 30 different rookie cards.  The base
set will also be paralleled by Chrome (#’d to 499), Refractor (#’d to 299), Gold Refractor (#’d to 25)
and Super Refractor (1 of 1).  For the game-used collectors, there are 72 different Hardwood Classics
(3 per box!) and for the treasure hunter, there are over 1300 different 1 of 1 printing plates.  And what
would the 1952 design be without the memorable face from the original 1952 Topps Baseball Set?  
Mickey Mantle’s first basketball card (high school player) is part of the base set and there is even a
1of 1 cut signature version of the card.

Topps Style ’52 Basketball releases the week of May 8th and carries a $6.00 SRP for each 9-card
pack.  Each 18-pack box guarantees 2 Fan Favorites Autographs, 3 Relics and 5 sequentially
numbered Chrome Parallels.

March 20 - 2006 Bowman to Feature 110 Exclusive Bowman Chrome Cards & Kenji Johjima’s
Much Anticipated Rookie Card

The Bowman Baseball base-brand is being taken to an all-new level as it will now feature 110
Bowman Chrome prospect cards that will not be found in Bowman Chrome.  That’s right!  For the first
time ever, regular Bowman will include Bowman Chrome cards.  The 110 Chrome cards will also
serve as the first part of the 2006 Bowman Chrome set, which will ship later this summer.

Along with appearing two per pack, the 110 Chrome cards will also be accompanied by their popular
Refractor counterparts--Refractor (#’d to 500), X-Fractor (#’d to 250), Blue Refractor (#’d to 150), Gold
Refractor (#’d to 50), Orange Refractor (#’d to 25), Red Refractor (#’d to 5), SuperFractor (1 of 1).

And collectors know to go to Bowman when looking for top Rookie and Prospect Cards.  2006
Bowman features the highly-touted Mariners catcher Kenji Johjima, Royals prospect Alex Gordon,
Tigers top pick Cameron Maybin, White Sox’s Lance Broadway, the Rocket’s son, Koby Clemens,
Angels’ Kendry Morales and much more.

Here’s the break-down of the all-new Bowman:

200 Veterans
20 Rookies
7 Autographed Rookies (including Kenji Johjima’s first card!)

Red-Border (1 of 1)
White Border (#’d to 120)
Blue Border (#’d to 500)

97 Prospects (1st Bowman Card)
13 Autographed Prospects (including Cameron Maybin, Lance Broadway, Koby Clemens and Kendry

97 Chrome Prospects (1st Bowman Card)
13 Chrome Autographed Prospects

2006 Bowman Baseball, releasing the week of May 15th, includes 5 regular Bowman cards, 2
Bowman Chrome cards and 1 Gold Parallel card.  Each 8-card pack carries a $3.00 SRP.  And each
24-pack box guarantees either and Autographed Rookie Card or Autographed Prospect Card.

March 9 - The Topps Company and Sports Illustrated For Kids Team Up For Trading Card Program

S.I. For Kids  Trading Cards Available in 2006 Topps Opening Day Baseball Cards Beginning March

New York, NY (March 9, 2006) –  Topps Company and Sports Illustrated for Kids magazine have
announced a marketing alliance to increase the overall awareness of trading card collecting among
kids, it was announced today by Mark Sapir, Director of Marketing for Topps, and Dave Watt, Publisher
of S.I. For Kids.  The "Topps S.I. For Kids Card Club,” a multi-media program designed for young
sports fans, includes a special section in the monthly magazine and a dedicated website, www., that provide information on hot new cards, cool ways to collect, sports trivia &
games, and the inside scoop on kids’ favorite players.  

Also, beginning March 22, 2006 Topps Opening Day baseball cards will hit store shelves featuring an
S.I. For Kids trading card in every .99 cent pack.  S.I. For Kids cards, modeled after popular features in
the magazine, will include "Max Action" and "Funny Photos.” Every pack will also include a stick of
bubble gum.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with S.I. for Kids on this exciting initiative, " said Mark Sapir, Topps
Director of Kids Marketing.  " Kids are a vital part of trading card collecting and we this is a great way
for us to appeal to a new generation of collectors."

“Sports Illustrated For Kids and Topps connect with kids through their passion for sports,” said Watt.  
“This relationship enables both parties to not only deliver a unique and very cool product directly into
the hands of the next generation of card collectors, but it also creates even more awareness of the
respective brands among a core audience of sports enthusiasts.”

Sports Illustrated For Kids, the first sports magazine written for kids ages 8 and up, connects with its
readers through their passion for sports.  The magazine offers kids the access to athletes and sports
information that they want with in-depth reporting, action photography, first-person athlete accounts
and other features.  The magazine, books, and web site, promote positive values, good
sportsmanship and the fun of reading.         

Founded in 1938 as Topps Chewing Gum, Topps issued its first baseball cards in 1951 and is an
international marketer of entertainment products, principally candy, collectible trading cards and
sticker album collections. Topps Internet business includes, and

March 8 - All-New Topps Triple Threads Taking High-End Cards to a New Level

Topps is set to enter the high-end baseball card market with its
ground-breaking 2006 Topps Triple Threads Baseball and everyone is

Not only will this product feature some of the greatest players to ever step
on the diamond, it will feature some of the coolest cards this hobby has
ever seen with its array of star power, unique die-cuts, combinations and
creativity.  For the first time ever, collectors will have a shot at legendary
Josh Gibson’s Bat Relic card, a Mickey Mantle Suit Relic card, memorabilia pieces embedded in a
printing plate and much more.  To see more amazing cards log onto
Topps' Triple Threads.

And it’s called Triple Threads for a reason – every memorabilia card is a Triple Relic.  And if you want
value and collectibility, every Triple Relic is sequentially numbered to just 3, 9 or 18.

Here’s the 2-pack box breakdown:

1 Autographed Triple Relic Card
1 Triple Relic Card (#’d 3, 9 or 18)
2 Parallel Cards (#’d 1,25,50,99 or 150)
2 Insert Cards
6 Base Cards

And if you like buying by the case, you’re guaranteed:

1 of 1 “White Whale” Printing Plate Autographed Triple Relic
1 of 1 “White Whale” Triple Relic Card
1 Triple Autographed Triple Relic Card

The All-New Topps Triple Threads Baseball, which guarantees a Triple Relic and Autographed Triple
Relic in every box, ships 3/27.  With names like Mickey Mantle, Josh Gibson, Ted Williams, Barry
Bonds, Ichiro, Roberto Clemente and Alex Rodriguez, Triple Threads is clearly a winner.

February 22 - 2006 Topps Baseball Missing #297

Topps announces both the recently-released 2006 Topps Baseball Series 1 and the upcoming 2006
Topps Heritage Baseball have a missing card number.  Topps Baseball does not include card # 297
while Topps Heritage does not include card # 255.  The Topps Heritage Chrome Parallel is also
missing card number # 103.  The subject originally slated for the missing card numbers was Kansas
City Royals prospect Alex Gordon.  But because Gordon is not Rookie Card eligible under the new
Rookie Card guidelines, he was removed.  And because of a timing issue in the manufacturing
process, Topps was unable to insert a replacement subject.

Gordon has been replaced on the remaining 2006 Topps branded checklists and will be featured as
a prospect card in 2006 Bowman products.